We need to know what kind of rider you are and what sled you're on.

Please include your rider and weight class info with your shocks

Rider Class

AA  Professional level: Sno-X Racing ONLY!

Competitive on the Sno-X circuit (Semi-Pro or Pro).  This is not a setup racers would use for their own long distance trail machine.

A   Very aggressive: Stiff trail / Terrain racers

Performance trail rider, can attack moguls at speed without strain.  Will deal with a firm ride to get the benefits from handling, ditch banging and mogul control that this setup has. 

B   Aggressive trail: Lights it up from time to time.

Deals with the bumps in style, but really prefers groomed trails.  Big moguls are fun, but become annoying after 3 minutes.

C   Moderate: Comfort in trail is primary concern

Will go fast from time to time.  Never "hangs off" the sled in the turns.  Wants control, but not at the expense of comfort.  

D   Reserved: Plush Trail.

Never stands up, never jumps, first to point out Moose in the woods.  Never rebuilds shocks.

E   Utility only: Not a high-pressure gas shock application.

A snowmobile is for getting to the ice fishing spot and bringing dinner back.  What's a gas shock?

Weight Class

1  100-125 pounds       4  175-200 pounds       7  250-275 pounds

2  125-150 pounds       5  200-225 pounds       8  275-300 pounds

3  150-175 pounds       6  225-250 pounds       9  over 300 pounds
For example: A dressed 210 pound "Very aggressive trail rider" rider on a Polaris Dragon 800 would request an A-5 setup for his Dragon.

Services: (Pricing updated January 2009)

Performance Rebuilds: Includes OEM seals, Synthetic blend fluids and special modifiers for longer life.  This is not a $25 refill gas and go like most other out there.  It is a full disassembly, cleaning, checking and setting component locations, pressure filling and atmosphere purging to bring the unit to well above OEM build specs and quality.  Costs includes real OEM seals!

Performance rebuild for all single tube gas shocks                 $50.00 each   

Performance rebuild - remote reservoir type                          $55.00 each

Performance rebuild - clicker remote type                             $60.00 each

Performance rebuild (Polaris PPS,PPS2 and PPS Zero-pro)      $60.00 each

Odd sized shocks and remote systems - call or email info@lako.com for quote

LAKO Pro-Synthetic Rebuilds:  (For racing or longer life - read about it here) These rebuilds include what the Performance Rebuilds include PLUS special components, build process and fully de-gassed oxygen free pure synthetic fluids.  These also include valving changes (if desired).  Special pistons or other upgrade components are extra charge.

LAKO Pro-Synthetic rebuild for all single tube gas shocks        $70.00 each

LAKO Pro-Synthetic rebuild  (Remote reservoir type)              $75.00 each

LAKO Pro-Synthetic rebuild  (Clicker remote type)                  $80.00 each

LAKO Pro-Synthetic rebuild (Adjustable limiter type)              $100.00 each         (includes full servicing of remote adjuster assembly and all lines)

LAKO Pro-Synthetic rebuild : Polaris / Fox PPS series
(Polaris Position Sensitive,PPS2 and PPS Zero-pro)                 $80.00 each

Odd sized shocks and remote systems - call or email info@lako.com for quote

Options: (only with rebuild)

Valving changes                   +$10.00 each  (free with Pro-synthetic rebuild)

Quad-stage valving  for Fox and ACT shocks             $+20.00 each

Quad-stage valving  for all other brand shocks          $+30.00 each

A note about the Quad stage valving option:  The LAKO Quad-Stage setups can help to keep the low speed ride quality while avoiding bottoming in high speed - "big bump" situations. We started doing "Tri" and "Quad" stage designs for snowmobiles shocks over 18 years ago. Back in the late 90s, Polaris and Arctic Cat started to use these designs in high-end sleds. As manufacturers, they cannot satisfy everyone with a standard valving stack. A perfectly tuned chassis just for you requires personalized setup and valving.

Valve stack charting              $40.00 per 4        (Pre-Qualified Racers and R&D builds only)

Ester based synthetic fluid     $179.00/gal         Any viscosity from 2-7wt. (Includes/ continental U.S. only special shipping)

Shipping and handling charges for the continental U.S.

$9.80 for one shock

$13.80 for 2 shocks

$15.80 for 3 or 4 shocks.

Remove springs (if possible), Package shocks to protect shafts from shipping damage. Include day and night phone numbers along with email address.  Inspect shafts for signs of damage. Chips, rust, and peeling would require a new shaft.  Most blown and leaking shocks are due to damaged shafts and top bearings.  High pressure gas shocks must have a defect-free surface for the seals to function properly. 

Make checks or money orders out to:  LAKO Performance Group Inc.

PayPal and credit cards through paypal are welcome.

Send paypal funds to webmaster@lako.com  Click on the logo to go directly to the paypal site.

Ship items to:

LAKO Performance Group
3721 Green Lake Road
W. Bloomfield, MI 48324
Attn: Shocks

Include all phone numbers and email address so we can get a hold of you with any questions.

Get a hold of us with any questions at info@lako.com (248-360-2567) 





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